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Free Email Guide

Free Email Guide informs you everything about free email and free communication services. This page includes only new free email services added into the Free Email Guide's database. So browse around the site by using left menu. You can pick your new email from 1000 free email service providers with over 15,000 unique domain alternatives. You can choose your new email service from webbased, pop3, redirection alternatives. You will also find many great free communication services within this site like free sms, free fax, free voice mail services. While you are browsing through the pages, please do not hesitate to contact me for any reason you have. To have a uptodate listing please inform me broken/dead links and new services you come accross on the net :)

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BreakThru Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
5 Mb      

The main concept of this webbased only email service is to prevent spam from your inbox. The interesting part, you need to have another email account to sign up with this service (in case you forget your password). According to my test, you can use a fake email address also since they do not send an email for confirmation purposes. Sign up is pretty quick and and after sign up you can start using the service since logging in to your account is the activation process.

Personal #
Email Other

With eVoice, you'll get a free phone number that delivers voicemail messages to you as email attachments. Use it any way you want.

Gmail Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
6,5+ Gb  yes
Free email service with POP3, SMTP, and web access from Google. Without any doubt one of the best on market today. They have very nice tutorial about how to set up your email clients and even some wireless devices including BlackBerry and iPhone. The fake rolex storage limit is increasing day by day.

Lavabit Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
1 Gb  
They offer upto 1 GB free email for personal use. They have many filters and gray, white and black list services to fake rolex watches reduce spam in your inbox. They have some tutorials about how to configure your email client here.

WooMail Webbased ? Pop3 ? Smtp ? Forward ?
1 Gb      
Woomail is free, messages are delivered instantly without entering the cyberspace so it is very safe to use, without any unwanted messages. This free email service or let me say communication interface created to prevent spamming and for privacy seekers in mind. With 5 secure methods of contact you make the rules and decide who has access to your woo world.